About Us

Achieve More. It’s What We Do and How We Do It.

Clever Samurai is a strategy-first, marketing consultancy and creative communications firm. We help organizations achieve more - by realizing what’s possible - so they can grow their profits and their social impact.

Our regional, national and international clients choose us for our unique and experienced approach to collaboratively solving their complex business challenges. We serve mid-market and enterprise-class clients in information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, public utilities, retail, food services, business services, not-for-profit and more. We understand the demands associated with delivering very specific business outcomes. And, we welcome the challenge.

How we think, defines what we do and how we do it. Organizations that partner with us are looking to make a meaningful difference in their approach to their business, and in turn, their marketing and communications. We believe that a clear definition of business objectives and a clear process to achieve them is critical for success and drives better predictability to achieve the most successful outcomes.

Our fully integrated services include:

Clever Samurai and our sales lead generation division 360 Leads® comprise the 5th business® Group of Companies. Our advanced marketing and communications consultancy combined with our specialized demand generation organization is unique in North America.