5th business Creates Marketing and Communications Agency, Clever Samurai

TORONTO, Canada, December 2, 2014 – 5th business® group of companies (5thbusiness.com) announced the official launch of its new marketing and communications agency, Clever Samurai (cleversamurai.com). The new agency complements the company’s sales lead generation division, 360 Leads, providing access to complimentary and crucial services that truly unify sales and marketing programs for greater effectiveness, and more profitability. This combined 5th business offering is unique in the industry.

Stuart Lewis, President & CEO of 5th business says, "Clever Samurai will provide our clients with powerful, disciplined marketing and communications ideas that generate results for their businesses. If we are to provide our clients with even better sales and marketing answers to help grow their businesses, we need to continue to evolve our capabilities, our footprint, our ideas and our talent. Clever Samurai is an important part of this evolution."

Clever Samurai will operate from Toronto, Canada at launch, supporting clients primarily in North America. 2015 plans will include physical expansion of Clever Samurai to other 5th business-serviced markets through its regional offices in Scottsdale, USA and Adelaide, Australia.

Joe Amaral, VP and Creative Director for Clever Samurai adds, "What makes Clever Samurai different? We’ve increased the depth of our specialized skillsets. We’ve structured our creative team to generate more business-relevant ideas, focusing on what’s here in marketing today and what’s coming next. It’s all with one purpose — to provide powerful, disciplined ideas that deliver results, whether our clients’ customers are consumers, businesses or a combination of the two."

About 5th business

5th business® group of companies deliver integrated sales and marketing answers to meet our clients' growth challenges. Through our operating companies, the group provides comprehensive sales and marketing services including advertising and media management, sales lead generation, branding and identity, market planning and research, digital, direct and social media communications. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has offices in Canada, United States and Australia.