Clever Samurai Raises Temperature for Minus Forty

Commercial glass door refrigerated merchandise manufacturer launches new brand campaign

TORONTO, Canada, November 6, 2018 – Clever Samurai™ Marketing Communications ( is launching a new brand campaign for commercial glass door refrigerated merchandise manufacturer, Minus Forty® Technologies ( The collaboration focuses on delivering the key customer-benefit of “Smarter Investment. Better Sales.”

Clever Samurai President, Stuart Lewis comments “Merchandisers for frozen and refrigerated product need to do more than simply run. They need to support retailers in selling more product through better displays, reliable performance and temperature integrity.” Lewis adds, “Reliability simply isn’t enough to meet the demands of conventional retailers who are competing with omni-channel giants. Food products need to be displayed in a manner that recognizes that people make choices with their eyes first, and their taste buds second.”

Julian Attree, Chief Executive Officer at Minus Forty believes that “Our customers demand more performance from every square foot of their retail space. Our job is to ensure that our refrigeration technologies focus on maximizing product sell-through and support our customers in making thoughtful capital investments.”

The new campaign includes digital, social, public relations and content marketing initiatives, all driving meaning into why a Minus Forty freezer or cooler glass door merchandiser is the best investment in supporting retail sell-through of frozen and refrigerated product. The campaign targets customers over a broad spectrum of product categories.

Key benefits of Minus Forty products include:
• Lower Total-Cost-of Ownership due to product longevity, greater uptime/lower service costs, lower energy consumption
• Increased Sale of More Product due to attractive equipment design, custom branded merchandising cabinet and greater equipment uptime/reliability
• Hassle-Free Ownership due to install logistics handled by Minus Forty, extensive service network, quick parts availability and overall operating uptime/reliability
• Better Food/Product Quality Integrity due to greater equipment uptime and better temperature stability

About Minus Forty

Minus Forty is the best possible investment to sell more frozen and refrigerated products. Our North American-made freezers and coolers provide superior product presentation, deliver a lower total-cost-of-ownership, allow for exceptional product quality integrity and a hassle-free ownership experience.

About Clever Samurai

Clever Samurai™ is a marketing strategy and creative communications consultancy. We help organizations achieve more - by realizing what’s possible - so they can grow their profits and their social impact.