Sentient Vision Locates Clever Samurai to Promote SAR Technology

Australian Tech Company Launches Campaign to Save Lives

TORONTO, Canada, November 15, 2018 – Clever Samurai™ Marketing Communications ( is launching a Canadian public awareness campaign for Sentient Vision Systems ( to promote its world-class search and rescue technology, ViDAR. ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging) is a wide area maritime search system that autonomously detects objects on the ocean surface and provides the operator with detailed images that other search methods, like radar, often miss. The technology is in use by the Royal Australian Navy, US Coast Guard and UK Royal Navy.

“The advantages of ViDAR in search and rescue applications are extensive, with the technology providing over eighty times the area coverage compared with legacy technologies”, says Stuart Lewis, President & CEO of Clever Samurai. “Saving lives is the mission objective of search and rescue, so the awareness campaign targeted to Canadian aerospace leaders focuses on the key benefit of what Sentient Vision’s innovation can accomplish.”

The campaign’s key message of “Lost at sea. Found in seconds.” will be featured through an extensive media and public relations initiative, digital campaign and other media. Radar, the most common-use technology, often is unable to locate people or objects in maritime situations. ViDAR can locate people or objects, often within seconds.

Simon Olsen, Director of Business Development, Strategy and Partnerships of Sentient Vision, comments “Our campaign is particularly relevant as Canada is investing in major Search and Rescue upgrades across their fleet. We know that ViDAR will provide a proven, safe, and predictable solution for the Canadian government to save more lives through use of the most advanced search and rescue technology in the world.” Olsen adds, “Facilitating faster and more successful rescue missions also greatly improves the safety of search and rescue professionals, who put their own lives at risk in often challenging weather conditions.”

Clever Samurai works with a number of market-leading clients in the technology category, including CDW, Bell, Axis Communications and Toshiba.

About Sentient Vision

Sentient Vision Systems develops and deploys computer vision solutions for defense and civil applications. Since 1999 Sentient has specialized in video analytics with a primary focus on the development of automated detection software for full motion video. With over 1,700 systems deployed, Sentient’s solutions enhance the performance of EO/IR operations for many agencies and forces worldwide.

About Clever Samurai

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