Work Safety Shoes Could Pose a Real Danger

Clever Samurai Repositions Mellow Walk With Brave New Viral Content

TORONTO, Canada - May 28, 2015 – Marketing and communications agency Clever Samurai ( has released its new campaign for Canadian safety shoe manufacturer, Mellow Walk® (, with a bold new step to change the perception that safety shoes are generally unattractive.

Mellow Walk came to the agency with the challenge of making consumers aware that their newest lines of high quality and very comfortable safety shoes have contemporary and fashionable designs that can easily be worn outside the workplace.

Clever Samurai’s integrated mock-documentary style campaign also includes a series of video teasers, brand activation extensions to in-package promotion and robust social marketing activities. Filmed at Mellow Walk’s Canadian manufacturing facilities, the campaign involves Mellow Walk’s own employees who share that the company’s new safety shoe designs are so incredibly attractive they may pose a dangerous distraction to workers.

"Mellow Walk is a well-respected brand known for safety and comfort. By repositioning it beyond work utility and bringing it into the rest of the consumer's life, we believe consumers will also consider a Mellow Walk shoe as a fashionable and comfortable option when making their personal footwear choices", said Joe Amaral, Vice President and Creative Director at Clever Samurai.

"We've always taken great pride in manufacturing high quality products that combine the best possible safety, durability and comfort. Our new, fashion-forward designs take safety footwear in a new direction," said Mellow Walk President, Andrew Violi. "The unique creative campaign produced by Clever Samurai represents the free spirited type of thinking that our customers can connect with."

The choice of featuring Mellow Walk employees, even though they aren’t professional actors, was an easy one for Amaral. "Including Mellow Walk employees in delivering the campaign was reflective of their values, in that every pair of shoes is handcrafted by forty sets of Mellow Walk hands. Why shouldn’t their campaign include some of those gifted hands?"

Mellow Walk shoes can be purchased at various retailers across Canada and the United States including Marks, Mister Safety and Work Authority. The four-week campaign launches on Mellow Walk's website and other social media channels today.

About Mellow Walk

Since 1993, workers across North America, and beyond, have been trusting Mellow Walk for safe and comfortable light industrial safety footwear. The company operates the only shoe factory in Toronto, Canada, and employs over 60 team members at the facility. Mellow Walk has built its reputation on quality. Its products are all handcrafted, with 40 pairs of hands involved in the making of each and every shoe. For more information visit

About Clever Samurai

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