Phantom Screens

Phantom Screens, through their network of professional distributors, sells more retractable screens than anyone else in the industry. The retractable screens category has low awareness, low consideration and low product comprehension relative to typical window and door products. As such, the primary value of Phantom Screens’ products does not index like windows and doors, despite their great benefits.

Our collaboration focused on determining what exactly are we selling. Appealing to the true higher purpose reason somebody would purchase a screen was based on the insight that homeowners take pride in their homes. Backed by market research, the strategy looked to establish three things: brand awareness, category comprehension and consumer curiosity to learn more about the product(s) of interest. Competitors’ marketing tends to focus on micro features and benefits, be quite generic and unmemorable.

Key to the strategy and a developed Brand Playbook was addressing the product comprehension deficit. Video executions were developed for online and broadcast use. The premise behind the creative was to showcase people interacting with the product, facilitating a product demonstration, while the homeowner beams with home pride. The executions include the three most popular product types in situation to aid with comprehension.

The creative won a MarCom Gold Award in the TV & Video category.